Timothy J. Xeriland, Ph.D.

Cedar Valley College
3030 North Dallas Ave.
Lancaster, TX 75134-3705

E-Mail 1:txeriland@dcccd.edu
E-Mail 2:xeriland@gmail.com
Phone: (972) 860-8239

Tim Xeriland


Can you picture a polka-dotted elephant riding a unicycle while juggling watermelons? Even though you probably have no real world examples of such a thing most people are easily able to conjure up an image. The question is how are we able to do this and where is all this taking place? For many, the answer is that it happens in the mind. But what exactly is the mind?

On a more practical side, how does the thing we call the mind learn? For example, how does the mind take something as complicated as language and piece together the various parts into a meaningful whole that we can comprehend? How do we build up an understanding? Furthermore, what kind of instruction should we be using to best learn novel material? Join me as we explore these topics and more. Let the journey begin!